Friday, June 29, 2012


This is 5dp5dt next to 6dp5dt. Can you see it still getting darker? Definitely looking like a bfp!!!! We are done testing for a little while. Now we wait.........
Praying for a big number on Monday!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tested again this evening!

10 hours apart and it really looks like things are moving forward. That pink line had definitely darkened from this morning!!! I am so excited! I was so scared to have to text Lisa bad news today. So afraid to start stressing over neg tests. Thank you God for giving us peace! Just praying these babies hold on tight and get comfy! BETA is Monday morning and I am praying for a nice big number. Will keep you up to date on pics. I am sure we will be doing more testing to watch that line get big and fat and positive!

Pleasantly Surprised.

Today we are 5dp5dt (5 days past a 5 day transfer). As many of you know, Lori and I were struggling with whether or not we were going to test before our Beta. We decided to, but then when to was a question. After talking to Joe, we decided to wait until we were at least 6 days past, so the earliest we'd try testing would be Thursday. Well, Lori and I were talking this morning about our thoughts and feelings when did we test and how we'd feel once we saw the results. After much, much praying by both of us, Lori mentioned she had the tests with her at work and that she needed to pee... Well... that got the ball rolling on possibly maybe we should test! Well.... let's just show this
We ARE PREGNANT!!!! I started crying when Lori texted me this beautiful picture! She was crying, I was crying. What a hormonal mess we both are ;-) I am overjoyed! I am going to relish in this amazing moment. God really has brought both of us through so much, especially after our early miscarriage back in April. He has shown how faithful He is to us, and I know both Lori and I cannot thank Him enough. This is all happening because of the glory of Him. We were brought together because of Him and we are now pregnant because of Him. God is good.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Transfer day

What a beautiful day June 22 turned out to be. It started off bright and early. We picked Lori and Ryan up at their hotel at 5:45 in the morning. Our transfer arrival time was for 6:30. We made it just in time.  We got settled into our room. Joe, Ryan and I let Lori change while we went into a separate room to put on our lovely scrubs. The embryologist came in and told us that we had 5 embryos that had made it to 5 days, almost blastocysts. We agree to put in our 2 best quality ones, one that was grade AB and one that was grade BB. We also had 2 more embryos they wanted to give another day to grow and catch up. Next, Dr Rapisarda came in. He really is a nice doctor. He was so positive and excited for us. Since we had no questions, he went to get ready. The nurse lead us, yes all FOUR of us (!!) to the transfer room! Everyone was so positive and didn't even blink an eye with all of us coming into the room. They had 3 seats set up next to the bed.
They showed us the 2 embryos on the big screen. Just amazing. My heart was filling with such joy to see them. Dr. R came in and we got started. The ultrasound tech was such a nice guy as well. We got to watch as Dr. R guided and placed the embryos into Lori's perfect uterus. <3 It took a total of 5 minutes. We thanked everyone, smiles all around and went back to our room to get changed.
We left the clinic around 8 am. Since we were near Joe's dad's work, we decided to show Lori and Ryan the golf course that his dad manages. We took a nice ride on the course. The weather was absolutely perfect. Afterwards, we grabbed some breakfast. We were all pretty tired from waking up so early, that we went back to the hotel so Lori could get some good rest.
Overall, it was a wonderful 2 days spent together. This whole experience thus far since we changed from the River North office to the Highland Park office has been picture perfect. A complete 180. Our nurse coordinator has been so wonderful, the staff at the HP ivf center were so nice and accommodating. God truly heard our worries and answered our prayers. Now we wait to see if the embryos stayed snug in Lori. Our first Beta hCG test is Monday July 2. With the July 4 holiday being our next to-be Beta test, I'm not sure how they will see the doubling rate since no labs will be open that day. So we most likely will not have the test until the following day, Wednesday July 5. I am not going to worry. It'll work itself out. As for POAS (peeing on a stick -pregnancy test-), I think we all decided that we would take a test either this Thursday or Friday. Lori has been taking progesterone in oil (PIO) shots daily this cycle versus every other day last cycle, so we are thinking her hCG levels might be higher and might show up sooner on a pregnancy test than last time. It is a nerve wrecking time, but I am trusting in Him no matter what happens. It is out of my control; it is His will and am just so thankful and happy we are at this point in our journey. Prayers are always welcome and appreciated!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fertilization Report

After a long day of waiting, we finally found out when we will be doing the transfer-  Friday!!! Our embies are doing really well! 13 fertilized yesterday. Of those, we still have all 13 Yay!! 9 of those are 4 celled (which is ideal at this stage). 2 of them are 3 celled, and 2 of them are 2 celled. We are very happy and excited for the best ones to be implanted in Lori. You might be wondering how many are we putting in on Friday. And to be honest, I'm not sure. I would love to put in 2. That way 2 have a good chance of implanting. We will see their grades and what Dr. R is thinking too. We would be thrilled with twins. We'd also be thrilled with one. We will just be so thankful to be pregnant! Whatever God has planned for us is exciting.
Lori and Ryan will come to Chicago by bus Thursday morning and stay until Friday later afternoon. I am so excited to see them! It's been over 2 months I believe. They are leaving the kids at home, which will be nice to be able to spend some alone time with Lori and Ryan, most likely vegging at the hotel watching movies and pigging out on food. :-) Also, it sounds like all 4 of us will be able to be in the room for the transfer!! I spoke with our NC and she said there was no maximum number of people allowed in, although the rooms are not super big. But hey, we can all squeeze in! It's too exciting to miss out on, especially since Ryan didn't get to be in the room for our last transfer. Only 2.5 more days!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grow embies grow

Received word from our clinic that of the 19 eggs, 13 have fertilized. Praying they keep growing and growing into perfect little embryos. Thank you God. I am feeling much better! This time around has been a much better experience overall. I am so thankful that I am able to move around and cough with much better ease. Tomorrow I should be feeling even better. I cannot wait until transfer!! We find out tomorrow if we will be doing a 3 day or 5 day transfer. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks so much for all the prayers and well wishes! God is truly amazing.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Post retrieval

Had my egg retrieval this morning. My mom came with me as CJ had his first hockey practice today, and neither Joe nor I wanted him to go without one of us. It went really well. They retrieved 19 eggs! It's a great number and I'm so thankful and happy, however, I am more interested to see how many eggs fertilize. We find that information out sometime tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be early. So thankful that God led to me this and brought me through it.
As for how I'm feeling. At the moment, the Vicodin has finally kicked in. Still hurts when I cough so I'm trying my hardest to not to. I have a heating pad on my abs. Joe has been super sweet, taking Clark to the movies so I can continue to heal. I wish I could have gone with as it's Father's day but it hurts too much to sit up. He is also taking the day off tomorrow as CJ has his first soccer practice. Today it was hockey and I missed that. So I will be going with to his soccer regardless of how I'm feeling!
Until tomorrow...

Praying for Lisa this morning!

Egg retrieval is this morning. Praying for some healthy eggs! Praying for Lisa to recover quickly with as little pain as possible!!! It's getting close again!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Long time no post!

Sorry I've been MIA. I have been meaning to blog, but I have been so busy lately. This journey has been so different!! We have a new nurse coordinator (praise God-she is amazing!!), a new lab (wonderful), a new off site monitoring facility (love them), and a new transfer location! We wanted a new fresh start and we got one. My meds have been going great no problems with that so that's a plus! Lisa has kept you up to date on all of her appointments and I've just been waiting to see how she's doing. She is doing wonderfully producing amazing eggs I'm sure and her retrieval is tomorrow. So excited to see how many perfect eggs she has! Praying that everything goes well and it doesn't cause her too much pain. Then we wait to see how fertilization goes and with that we will see when the transfer will be. It could be june 20 or June 22 Our NC seems optimistic that they will do well and she expects a 5 day transfer. That means Friday June 22. So we are praying for that.

My lining did much better this time. No fluid so that is great! My lining at first appt last time was 5.5mm and this time it was 11mm! I didn't have to add any meds. So far so good. Just praying each step of the way!

We will keep you posted!

Friday, June 15, 2012

6/15 BW and US

Good news! Retrieval is on Sunday :) My E2 levels came back perfect. I have a great number of follicles the right size, although did not ask how many or what size. I do my trigger shot at 10 pm tonight, for a retrieval at 11 am Sunday morning. I am so thankful to finally be at this point. Our journey has a long way to go, but God is guiding us each step of the way. He is so good.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

6/14 BW and US

Retrieval looks like it will most likely be Saturday or Sunday now. Follicles are not quite large enough yet so they want another day or two of stim meds. Have another appointment tomorrow. Feeling a bit blue. Trying to work out my emotions and thoughts right now. Think just exhausted. Been waking up almost every day for the past 10 days close to 5 am. Trying not to complain. Just drained and anxious for my retrieval to finally be here. I know it's God's timing. I am just feeling drained. Praying for my eggs to get to the perfect size and my E2 levels to be at the perfect level. All in His timing. Praying that Lori's lining stays nice and fluffy. Will update tomorrow after I hear from our NC regarding tomorrow's results.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6/13 BW and US

This morning's appointment went so nicely. After seeing me so many consecutive days, the ultrasound tech was much more open to sharing information. She said (as she always does) that my lining looks great. Well, thanks, but unfortunately I do not need that lining :'( that's why we have wonderful Lori! She asked me if I was feeling bloated yet, which Yes! I definitely am! She began to look at my ovaries and count the follicles growing. I tried to count along. I counted 28. Before she finished, she said 'Nope.' I asked her, 'Oh, so they aren't ready yet?' She said 'A couple more days. They aren't big enough just yet.' I then asked her how many there were. There are 14 on the left side and 13 on the right that are measurable, but there are more smaller ones that just aren't big enough yet. So we need those 27 to get to the perfect size for retrieval within the next few days. Now I wait for our NC to call me with my E2 levels and further instructions. Praying for my body and for Lori's. I pray that her uterus stays nice and fluffy and sticky for the to-be embryos. It is all in His timing and His timing is perfect.
Update: E2 level is 1,513. I have 35 follicles growing, 27 which are greater than 10 mm. I have another appointment for blood and ultrasound tomorrow bright and early at 6:50 am. The nurse said I most likely will take my trigger shot tomorrow night and the retrieval would be Saturday. Happy dance! Almost there!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/12 BW and US

My E2 levels today are 956. I have 34 follicles growing, with 5 that are measuring bigger than the others. The RE says I will stim for another 2-3 days. So it seems the retrieval will be Saturday or Sunday. We will see how things are going after tomorrow's blood work and ultrasound. Definitely starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

Monday, June 11, 2012

6/11 BW & US

Results from today's BW and US: I have 22 follicles (eggs) measuring from 9-17 mm. My estrogen is 480. My RE wants it to be a little higher so he is increasing my Menopur to 1.5 vials. Tonight's shot should be interesting to mix. I go again tomorrow for more blood work and ultrasound. It seems like my retrieval will most likely be Friday. Will know more tomorrow.

Friday, June 8, 2012

6/8 BW & US

My E2 levels (aka estrogen) were 205 today, so within normal range. They counted about 27 follicle eggs growing, with 8 being measurable, at this point. My Follistim dose will stay the same at 50, as will the Menopur dosage. I do not need to go in for blood work and ultrasound until Monday (happy dance!). I will start on Ganirelix Sunday night. We are halfway there until my retrieval! Thanks God!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6/6 BW and US

This morning I went in for blood work and ultrasound. Our NC just called to update me on how things are looking. My estrogen levels are a bit lower than they want, so they are increasing my Follistim dosage from 25 to 50. They want to keep stimming me slowly, but they are upping it a bit to help with that level. The ultrasound showed about 20 eggs starting to grow. They are very small, as they should be since I've only been on meds for 3 days. I go again Friday for repeat BW and US. Thanks to God for allowing us to come this far, and we pray that my body continues to produce quality eggs. Pray for Lori's body to stay nice and fluffy and sticky for our embryos. She had an appointment yesterday, and it went very well! Everything looks great on her side. She leaves for Florida tomorrow night! Praying for safe travels as they drive down there. All thanks and glory to Him! <3

Sunday, June 3, 2012

2 down, 27-ish more to go

Just got done doing my first set of injections. Let's say it was a tad bit hectic and nerve wrecking. Started off not being able to find the Q-cap for the Menopur. Panicking that I never got it. Finally found it in the Menopur box. Yeah.. DUH! Then, no alcohol pads came with my meds. Problem because they are kind of important. Luckily, I found 2 in our bathroom. Need to go out and buy some tomorrow before next dose. Then, I couldn't find the medication instructions review on the fertility website. So I went off of the instructions that were included in the Menopur box. Few errors here and there, but finally injected the med into myself. Pain wasn't bad (fairly used to needles, etc). It was more the issue of injecting the actual medicine into myself. It was a good amount of liquid and it felt like it had no where to go. After I pulled the needle out, a few seconds later, some liquid dribbled out. Haha. Whoops. I'll have to make sure to keep the needle in for a few more seconds longer next time. Next I had to do Follistim. That went much smoother. It has its own little pen type device that the vial of medicine goes in. You click the amount you need, and then screw on the needle and bam, inject it in, push down and it's done. It went very smoothly. No issues. I'm hoping I will feel like an expert tomorrow and not be so panicky. Very excited and thankful to God that we finally are at this milestone. It won't be long now until I am prepping for the retrieval. Praise God I am feeling better, that tonight went well, and that Lori is doing well with her schedule. It's all His plan.