Monday, April 15, 2013

Cards game

What a fun weekend we all had. We packed up the car and headed down friday afternoon to visit Lori & Ryan. We were going to a St. Louis Cards game (boo!) with them and her extended family. Although slightly windy chilly, it was an enjoyable time. I love hanging out with all of them. The Cards won (boo). Elijah slept the entire game and car ride back to their house. Jedidiah, not so much. Saturday we got to see Koen and Brayden play in their soccer games. Makes me so excited for Clark to start up soccer in the fall.
Later that day was church and then we went to Ryan's brother and sister in laws' house. We have always struggled with Clark eating. We are lucky when he eats anything else besides a peanut butter n jelly sandwich. Well he ate an entire hit dog! This is very newsworthy. :) I was shocked. No threats, no bribes. He just sat and ate it plus I think he had some beans. He's gotten a soft spot recently for Dr. Pepper which I'm not thrilled about but it happens so infrequently that I allow it.
Late last night, Joe's dad came down by train for the Blackhawks v Blues game that was today. He was going along with Ryan and their boys and Joe and Clark. By the end of the first period, Joe had managed to get Brayden to cheer for the Hawks! Haha. They sounded like they had a memorable time. The little boys, on the other hand, were pretty fussy and unhappy today. I had to constantly be holding one baby at all times. Overall, we had a great time spending time all together again. I wish we lived closer to them, but at least all the boys did really well on the drive there and on the way back.
I'm hoping it is just a phase they're going through. Elijah started off being the needy one who always needed to be held and snuggled and was never content just being set down. Jedidiah was the independent one, patiently waiting while I would attend to Eli. Now, Jedi needs me to constantly hold him, shush him, snuggle him, rock him. He does not enjoy being on the floor by himself to play. He always seems to be in a cross mood while Elijah is usually smiling, cooing, taking in the world. Don't get me wrong, Jedidiah has some fun moments throughout the day, but he seems to be more crabby than happy lately.
Elijah has surpassed his younger brother in weight. At our last appointment, Eli was 8 pounds, 10 ounces while Jedi was 7 pounds 13 ounces. We ended up bringing Jedi in for a weight check a week after that appt and he had gained 3 ounces. He know seems to be filling out and eating more each feeding. We have our 2 month appointment this Thursday at 11. I'm not looking forward to them getting shots. Hopefully they won't hurt too bad.
They are starting to outgrow some clothes which makes me slightly sad. They are no longer tiny little babies but 2 month olds! Eli is fully out of NB clothes while I can still get away with a few things on Jedi. The only problem is the 0-3 and 3 month clothes are just too big on them both still. So either Eli looks like a chunk shoved into NB clothes or he is slightly swimming in his clothes. Clark's clothes seem to have been sized bigger 4 years ago and now things are smaller.
I'm loving being a mommy to twins and their older brother. I always get the questions from strangers, in this order :: •are they twins? •are they boy and girl? •are they identical? •you look great for just having twins! •oh man, are you getting any sleep? I also get the occasional:: do twins run in your family which is a question I'm not sure how to answer. I guess that depends on my mood. Do I really feel like explaining my whole life story to someone or is it easier just to give a simple "yes, my mother in law is a twin. So it could be genetic?" Other times when I've got some time I will explain our unique situation. I'm def not ashamed nor embarrassed of how we formed our family. It just seems pointless to waste time to a stranger but that's how surrogacy is in the dark to so many people. They just don't get it and I should be able to help give it a good light since media usually is giving it a terrible one.
It's challenging being a mom to multiples plus a 4 year old, but I take it one step at a time. I count my blessings often and am just so happy to be able to have these children. I'm so lucky. Yes, I'm usually exhausted and short of patience come 7 pm. Yes, my house is a disaster most of the time. Yes, I rarely have time to make myself presentable. But I know it's a stage. It won't last forever. Soon, they'll be Clark's age and fairly independent. I'm trying to just enjoy the moment, enjoy them being babies and needing their mommy to snuggle with them. Soon enough, they'll be too big for my arms, too heavy to lay peacefully on my chest fast asleep. I wouldn't change anything (except a little bit more help during the night from my husband ;-) )