Sunday, October 21, 2012

20 weeks..

We've *finally* hit a monumental milestone ~ 20 weeks! That means we have less than 20 weeks until the twins arrive!! Lori has the anatomy scan on the 24th, then she packs up her family and heads up to Chicago Thursday night until Sunday!!!! I am so excited to see them all, but most especially her growing belly!! She texted me a picture the other morning, and she really looks to be popping! It makes me so happy :) She also is feeling them move a lot more the past couple days, although nothing on the outside yet. Maybe when she visits, they will show off for their mommy and daddy by moving around so we can feel them! Oh, also some big news. We FINALLY will find out their sexes this upcoming Saturday!!!!! No more 'its' 'baby a' or 'baby b.' The 16 week question mark of their sexes will finally be answered! I am leaning towards two boys. Joe thinks they are a boy and a girl, as does Clark. Lori thinks they are two girls (yes, she does know what they are, but she's been campaigning girls since before she found out). We will be having a gender reveal party on Saturday with all our close friends and family where we will all find out together :) I will make sure to take tons of pictures and video of the party and post them here afterwards. It should be lots of fun.
In other baby news, we have started cleaning up our bedroom and making room for the babies. They will live with us in our room for the first year of their lives. We will be purchasing new cribs for them, as the one that Clark had just seems too big for our needs now especially since we need two of them. So very exciting, trying to stay patient and not run right now to Ikea to buy them! Haha. :) Will post more after the party! Happy 20 weeks to us!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012