Monday, February 25, 2013


We headed out of the house at around 6:15 am. We stopped at dunkin doughnuts for some bagels. Lisa is so thoughtful, and she wanted to get bagels for all the nurses helping make our day perfect!!!

We were taken to a room immediately when we arrived. Our nurse was Chris and she was beyond amazing. They placed my IV with only one try and I was getting all of the fluids I needed to head back for surgery! The nurses brought in scrubs for my hubby and for Lisa and Joe and they got all dressed and we were ready!!! My parents and best friend Brianne were there and we all joined hands to say a prayer to God for him to watch over us and protect us.

The nurses took great care of me in the OR. Rick held my hand during the spinal and they all talked me through each step and kept me warm and comfy. My blood pressure dropped and started to make me sick but the anesthesiologist was right there giving me meds to help and kept me comfortable. Then in came the crew!!! Things went very quickly. Ryan held my hand and just behind them Lisa and Joe watched.

I felt a little pressure on my belly then heard the precious cry of Elijah Jerek as he entered the world at 9:48 am. It was so amazing to look at the faces of Lisa and Joe as they saw their child be born! Then moments later I heard the cry of Jedidiah Jacob born at 9:50am. The nurses cleaned them up a little and let me catch a glimpse of each one. Lisa and Joe were right there taking pics and soaking in their children!! They weighed Elijah first at 6lbs12oz! Then Jedidiah at 6lbs14oz!! Big healthy twin boys! Then they all went out with the babies and closed me up and I was off to recovery.

Chris was there to take amazing care of me. She helped to manage my pain and keep me from getting sick. Things went very smooth. Both babies were doing great. JJ was cleaned up first and brought to me. It was amazing to get to finally meet the laid back baby from the right side of my belly! He was perfect and sweet and wonderful. He ate like a pro and was happy in his mothers arms!! EJ had some quick breathing so they watched him a little longer in the nursery. Then we were moved upstairs to our room and they finally brought the super hungry EJ to me. He was the energetic baby I expected from the left side of my belly! He did great eating too. Probably bc he had to wait longer and was soooo hungry!!

That is our birth story! Two wonderful and healthy baby boys!

Elijah Jerek 6lbs 12 oz
Jedidiah Jacob 6lbs14 oz

We had some awesome visitors! My support team!! My amazing children and my mom! My kiddos were so excited to meet the babies! they loved to hold them and so was my mom! It was so much fun to see them all so excited! We spent the next 48 hours all together. Lisa and Joe basically moved into our room. We spent almost every moment together just witnessing the miracles that God created. The boys were given a clean bill of health and called "PERFECT" by the pediatrician. Them we said see you later and they headed home to share these miracles with their anxiously awaiting family!!!

That is what heaven sent surrogacy is all about! Thank you God. All of the glory goes to you we are in awe of your goodness and your love.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Last pic of my belly just hours before the babies arrive.

6 am! About to leave the house!! Babies will be coming into the world in just a few hours!!! Here is my final belly pic! Bye bye baby bump!!

Hello babies!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

24 hours can you believe it?!?!

This has been such am amazing journey!! Two families have come together to create these two precious boys!!! The cross/manzi family has been so wonderful to us. We have just felt like part of the family from the very beginning!! I love how much support I have from my own family as well! We are all so blessed! My church family has been praying for all of us all through the journey too. I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.

This time tomorrow I will lose a large part from my belly, but fill up so many hearts!!! These boys are so loved already by so many people!!! What lucky boys!! Coming into the world loved by Dad, Mom, grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles, and so many more in their own family. Then you add in myself and all of my family who love these boys a ton and are so excited to meet them!! Like I said they are very lucky boys!!!!!

It has been an amazing journey and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 days, what?!

We have less than 2 days!! Holy crow!! I can't believe how quickly it flew by! This day never seemed like it'd get here, and now here we are... We are leaving here tomorrow morning to make the drive down to Lori's. We will have a "last" breakfast as a family of 3, then drop Clark off at school, and start the drive. It should only take us about 4 1/2 hours, but supposed to be terrible weather so it might take us closer to 5-5 1/2. As long as we get there by night and safely, there is no rush. Our c-section is 9 am Friday. Lori was able to have the nurses speak the anesthesiologist that will be there on Friday and he said we are welcome to come into the OR!! Yay!!!! Very very exciting!! I can't believe next time I blog, I will be a mom to 3 boys! Eep!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting so close! How big are they?!?

I just wanted to update since we are getting so close!!! Had an appointment,NST,BPP, and A growth ultrasound today! Lisa's boys are looking amazing as usual!! Studs on the NST and the BPP!! Growth shows baby A at a little over 6lbs and baby B is almost 7lbs!!! Now that's a lot of baby I am carrying around! So thrilled for healthy weights and hearts and all!! NST this Friday and next Tuesday! Last dr appt on Tuesday then the boys make their grand entrance next Friday!!!!! Where did the time go!?!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chugging along

We have been chugging along this pregnancy. We had a tiny scare a couple weeks ago with Lori having significant contractions, but no dilation. She was put on modified bed rest, to be reevaluated in a week. During that week, the contractions calmed down and became more sporadic. At her next appointment, her cervix was starting to thin out, but still no dilation. She was taken off modified bed rest, but was not/is not able to work until she delivers. Her doctor didn't want to risk her going into labor, especially with her long work hours and being in MO for work. I'm pretty relieved that that happened. She has a job that requires her to be on her feet most of the 10 hours. It's nice that these last few weeks she can take it easy, put her feet up, get a massage.
We visited them this past weekend. Their family and her extended family all get together in St. Louis for Monster Jam. We joined them. It was such fun!! Very loud, though. Clark and her kids had a blast! We then hung out with their friends for the Super Bowl. I love them and their friends! They are all such wonderful, welcoming people :)
Monday we had our hospital tour at the hospital that Lori has delivered her children at and where the boys will be delivered. It was so informative! We got all of our questions answered which is a great relief. We now know what to expect. They now have faces to match the names on our PBO. We signed all the necessary paperwork for the boys' after birth care as well. Joe and I will be getting our own room at the hospital! We can take full care of our boys while they need to be in there. Lori will have her own room as well, and we will be able to visit her whenever (especially at the early mornings ;-) ) Lori is going to breast feed the boys as long as she feels comfortable during their stay. We will also be feeding them bottled breast milk during the night.
Lori had her OB appointment and NST today at 35+2. Things are looking great. They think she will make it to our scheduled c-section, February 22 at 9 am. I still think she might go earlier, February 16, and my husband thinks February 11. We were finally able to find out the boys' estimated weights from her 33+3 week ultrasound. Baby A is 5 pounds even, and Baby B is 5 pounds and some grams. So they have evened out their weights. They seem like great weights for that age, and especially great since they are twins! Hoping they continue to put on that fat and come out around 7 pounds each!!
I have everything ready for them at home. The last of the bottles and nipples are being washed as I type this. I ordered some boppy covers which came in this weekend. I put them on tonight and they look awesome!! I will have to take pictures and post them. The car seats are installed. The clothes are all washed. Two weeks and 2 more days until we meet our boys!! Can't believe this whole journey has flown by! <3