Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm pregnant! I can tell!!

Having some pregnancy symptoms! Major cravings and strong aversions. Not quite morning sickness but definitely picky about what I can eat. With each child I have carried I have had a craving in the 3rd trimester for lucky charms. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have already had about 10 bowls. I never eat it when I am not pregnant. Also with each pregnancy brushing my teeth makes me gag. Happening to me now too.

It is said that with twins your symptoms happen earlier and twice as strong. The one symptom I have noticed this with is fatigue. I am so tired. Body tired and sleep tired. Just tired. So far I am doing great just feeling pregnant now!!!! Wanted to share my first trimester symptoms!

Powdered doughnuts
Lucky charms
Cottage cheese
Green olives

Saturday, July 21, 2012

6 weeks, 5 days

Joe and I left for southern Illinois Thursday afternoon. We went to Lori and Ryan's church college group where we got to be apart of something that means so much to Lori. The men then decided to go to the midnight show of Batman while Lori and I spent some amazing time together at her house. We were then up nice and early, on the road for the doctor at 8:30. After some breakfast to help calm our nerves, we arrived at the office. Our appointment wasn't until 10, but we thought we could go in earlier if arrived earlier. We were correct! :) We got the most amazing, sweet ultrasound tech, who spent so much time with us, showing us everything babies' related. We saw both hearts beating away. It was just breathtaking to see our unborn twins' hearts beating. Baby A's heart rate was 120, and Baby B's heart rate was 114. They were measuring 6w5d and 6w4d which is perfect. We even got to hear their heart beats <3 oh boy. I cannot wait until I can have them recorded and listen to them whenever I want. The u/s tech also switched to 3d, so we got to see both peas in 3d! What a sight. She was just a blessing, as I know both Lori and I were nervous going to this specific office after the coldness Lori experienced last time. What a completely opposite experience this time! She even gave Joe and I plenty of pictures of our twins!! We heard from our nurse from FCI who said Lori's progesterone levels looked great, the babies' growths were great, as were their heart rates. Our official due date is March 10, 2013! We will have another appointment, our last one, with our RE August 2nd. We will have another peak at the babies, followed by a quick consult with the RE and then he will wish us well! Not sure when the first OB appointment will be, but we are getting closer to that wonderful line, the 2nd trimester!

Friday, July 13, 2012

And babies make 3...

There are TWO babies!!! They both are snuggled soundly in. They are measuring right on schedule, with one measuring 5 weeks, 6 days and the other one measuring 6 weeks, 0 days. We did not get to see the heart beats yet, we were just shy of seeing them. We have another ultrasound scheduled for next Friday where we should see them growing accordingly and see their little hearts beating. It was such an amazing experience today. Our ultrasound tech was wonderful. She was the sweetest woman. We were so nervous and just anxious to see something. She was so talkative and explained everything she was looking for and measuring. It was quite a surprise, but not really at the same time, to see the 2 sacs. I know all our eyes got so big and tears started forming for me. They are so amazing already! The u/s tech took a full view of both sacs and they looked like an owl. So neat. They had the yolk sacs and we saw the little babies inside them. Everything else looked great. Lori had blood work done. We spoke with one of our nurses and she said everything was looking great. God is so awesome. We are so blessed. I know my heart is full. Clark was so happy to hear the news! We kept pretty hush (or I did anyways) until we met my and my DH's family for lunch. Everyone was so excited and curious to know if we were having one or two babies. When we told them TWO! everyone was so thrilled! My mom seemed a bit shocked, but she will warm up to the idea quickly. :) It was so wonderful to see my dad actually become excited and look at the pictures so warmly. He was so happy and talkative to Lori and Ryan, which was so great. We had such a wonderful time spending the whole day with Lori and Ryan. They are just such amazing people and I can't imagine sharing this experience with anyone else. Thank you God!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's digitally official

Ok this is good reassuring news to see. Lori took this digital test last night. Last time, the digital test was not our friend. We are 19 days past our transfer. Last time we transferred, it was this day that we received the worst news we could imagine. No babies. We had been getting positive pregnancy tests, our Beta numbers were doubling, and when we went for our ultrasound, there were no babies. It was gut wrenching to be in the same room with Lori, Ryan, and Joe during that time. I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. I just wanted to be alone so they wouldn't see how devastated I was. So it was hard for me (and I'm sure Lori) to approach this day without having some anxiety. We just want this so, so bad and to see that "Pregnant" come up on the digital was such a wonderful feeling. Am I anxious/worried about tomorrow's ultrasound? I'd be lying to myself if I said I wasn't. I'm nervous, anxious, all of the above emotions because it still feels raw from last time. I know in my heart that things this cycle have been WAY better, like no comparison, but you can't forget the past... God has been so amazing and faithful to both of us, and that is something I cling to for comfort. I know He is watching over the baby(ies) and giving them encouragement and love to keep growing. They are already loved so much, more than they realize. So many people are so excited and praying for them. I know God will be with us tomorrow no matter what. We are having the ultrasound at the same office. I originally had us scheduled at the Highland Park office, where we had all my monitoring and transfer through, but their policy only permits 2 people in the room during the ultrasound. It means so much for all FOUR of us to be in the room together to experience this, because let's face it, all four of us have invested so much time, love, energy into creating these babies, creating a loving environment for them, that how can any one of us be denied that first moment of seeing them on the big screen again. So we will be going through the original office, and I was told that another ultrasound tech helps out on Fridays as they are so busy. I spoke with our nurse and told her our preference to not have the same ultrasound tech as last time. So we are praying that we will have the floater one instead. If not, then it is what it is and nothing will change our experience this time. Please pray for us, for the babies. Help them stay strong and continue to grow, grow, grow! Will update as soon as we are done with our appointment tomorrow! Until then...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good news

Unsurrogacy related, but I felt it was important to share. Wanted to extend a huge congrats to Lori!!! She passed her pharmacology licensing test!! She is now the proud pharmacist of two licenses!! :-) congrats Lori! Love you and the Cross family is so proud of you!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ultrasound decided!

Ok so we have officially decided to go for Friday the 13. That is the day the nurse said she wanted us there and lets be honest. We aren't the most patient people! So 3 days sooner is a blessing! So Friday July 13 we will know for sure! Just to know there is 1 heathy baby will just be such a relief!

Honestly this is the day I am most excited about and at the same time the most nervous! Our numbers are so much better this time so I am really praying we get good news! But I have to admit I am still really nervous. This was the worst day last time with terrible news. Here we are again! I am just praying for the news that there is a beautiful heathy baby with a heartbeat! Anything else would be a huge bonus! Please pray for us!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Second Beta 7/5

13 days past our 5 day transfer and our beta is .... 1801! It's a great strong number! We are beyond excited! It doesn't seem like we need anymore betas! Now just the *big* ultrasound. We are unsure whether there is 1 or 2 buns in Lori's oven!! We have our first ultrasound either the 13th up here or down in St. Louis on the 16th! Still deciding which day.. Pros of the 16th, we will be 3 days farther along and therefore possibly able to see the heartbeat(s)! Cons, we have to wait 3 extra days.. tortuous! haha
Stayed tuned... I'm sure we will make a decision very soon 

Monday, July 2, 2012

First Beta 7/2

.. We are pregnant!!! Lori had her first beta hCG levels drawn this morning. She put on the order our RE's fax number as well as her work fax number, so we'd get the results without having to be tortured to wait until who knows when for the nurse to call us. The number is ..... 442! Yippee!!! It's a great strong number for us. All this number tells us is that we are, in fact, pregnant! The more important number will be Thursday. They want that number to at least double in the next 48-72 hours. We are super thrilled and excited! Also, thankful that God answered our prayer for a strong number. Now we pray for that number to do what it needs to and be even higher and stronger next time. Until thursday... have a great Independence Day everyone!!!